Rabid Rabid Raggedy Squirrels

There’s a lot of wildlife here. It’s what comes from

  1. being a tropical island
  2. having lots of rain, which in turn leads to lots of vegetation
  3. having jungles within the city as well as in rural areas
  4. having nothing remotely resembling animal control or other laws restricting wild animals

Or something like that. 😀

I’ve talked about the cows. Oh, yeah, I’ve talked about the cows. I’ve also talked about wild dogs and cats. But this is the introduction for the local squirrels.

I’ve known about them for quite some time. It’s pretty hard not to when they’re crawling all over everything. Fences, houses, power lines, power poles. You name it, they’re climbing on it. But they aren’t usually that friendly to humans, and from my perspective, this is probably a good thing. I have no idea what kind of diseases they’re carrying, and I don’t want to find out from personal experience. Today, however, one of these squirrels proved to be quite a bit friendlier than the rest.

While I was taking pictures of the squirrel, Fahim cautions me to not get any closer. I’m standing about three feet away, and the only way it could touch me would be if it jumped off the railing and bit my leg. I’m not getting any closer – I’m not that stupid. See, in all seriousness, this squirrel was way too friendly, so it was probably sick. And take a look at its coat and tail. Raggedy. It could have rabies or some other disease, and we wouldn’t want me to catch anything, would we?

Aw, come on, play nice nice. Say you don’t want me to catch anything. C’mon, you can do it, I know you can.

Okay, I feel better now.

And on the way home from church, I saw even more cows at the side of the road. This picture was taken by me while driving fast in a trishaw. So, while I sort of apologize for the quality of the picture, it’s a half hearted apology only, if even that.

I think you can also pretty much count on me providing you with even more cow pictures in the future. I think I might be becoming cow obsessed. If Fahim were here right now, which he isn’t because he’s off earning a living, he’s probably laugh and say, “Becoming?”

Author: LMAshton
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