Cheese Commercial Creeps Out Canadian

Boneeto has a commercial for their cheese product, which is sold in individually wrapped cubes which are packaged in a small cardboard box. That’s sorta interesting – that cheese, packaged in cardboard like macaroni & cheese boxes, is displayed at places like the check-out, not in the dairy section.

See, that’s why I called it cheese product. I have a hard time believing it’s actual cheese, like the kind we’re used to getting in, oh, say, North America & Europe.

Cheese here is not all that common. I don’t know why it never really caught on – maybe Fahim will have some comments for me? But at Food City, there is also some cheese on display in the large and spacious dairy section, which consists of open refrigerators (talk about not conserving energy! Although, that’s not so much of a problem considering that, well, I hear the freezer and refrigerator sections may sometimes be powered off at night to save on electricity costs. But more on that another day. Along with further discussions on salmonella, e. coli, and more) about six feet wide and six feet tall, although we really can’t count the bottom foot and a half, so really, there’s only about four feet of actual space for anything to be stored in the refrigerated section.

So considering how much space there is in the dairy case, and then consider that the eggs are not in the dairy case but rather are around the corner on a shelf at room temperature, and consider that the dairy case also houses, in addition to buffolo curd, yoghurt, cottage cheese, sour cream, milk, juices, wattalapam, jaggery, and other things I don’t recognize, there isn’t a whole lot of room left over for cheese.

I think I’ve seen something like a total of four or five varieties of cheese here.

Cheese lovers would not survive well here.

Luckily, I’m not hugely into cheese anyway.

But you know what?

This is a huge digression.

Boneeto cheese commercial. The one that creeps me out. And honestly, it really does.

It’s four cartoon characters – just their bones – plus baseball caps and bikes.

It’s those fluorescent skeletons that freak me.

Do you remember that Frisk Ice Tea commercial? The one where the skeleton drinks the ice tea and his body reformed into a snowman?

That commercial freaked me out, too.

Yeah, I know, you’re all probably laughing at me right now. Go ahead. 🙂 And no, I’m not joking. I wish I were. They’re just freakin’ cartoon bone characters.

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