Today’s was officially the worst shower ever!

Yesterday, we had intermittent water outages mixed with extremely low water pressure. Luckily, it didn’t start until after about 8 am, and I’m almost always done showering before then.

The problem as announced on the morning news was a problem at the water purification plant. Okay, that’s fair. We’d prefer pure water to impure.

For clarification, when I said we had extremely low water pressure, I mean that, even with the faucet completely open, we’d only get a very small stream of water, sometimes not even a stream but a steady flow of drops.

In the evening, the water was out completely for a few hours.

This morning, it seemed fine, although Fahim commented that the intermittent water outages could continue today as well. But there was enough water to wash the last of the dishes from yesterday and to boil water for tea, herbal and otherwise, and to make milk for cereal, and to boil our large pot of water for further purification purposes for drinking.

I take my shower after Fahim left this morning, and he left early – really early – at 7:30am. I hop in the shower, and it’s fine, albeit very low water pressure, while I shampoo. I’m all lathered up, and the water pressure drops to unbelievably extremely low.

Hence the label official worst shower ever.

We’d have anything from a small steady stream, which disintegrated rapidly into a steady flow of droplets, dropping off to nothing for minutes at a time, interspersed with half a minute of a small stream. It occasionally made noises that made it sound like we were getting full water back. So I also conditioned.

Big mistake.

It took me a half hour to rinse the soap off.

The small stream finally metamorphasized into nothing. That is, no water at all. Total water outage.

And I’m not completely rinsed off yet. I mean, seriously, the previous small streams were really that small.

Fahim and I have backup water. Both boiled water for drinking and unboiled for cleanup. I grabbed a jug of backup water, a cup, and, pouring myself a cup of water at a time, rinsed off the last of the soap & conditioner. Five cups later, and I’m finally done.

Seriously. Worst shower ever. Ever.

Author: LMAshton

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