Sri Lankan Elections – Body Count at 2

Two dead, but another 150+ counts of election violence.

Man, these guys need to take a serious look to Canada for an example. I mean, we’re so politically apathetic that we’ve never, in over 130 years, had a Prime Minister assassinated.

Has Canada ever had a single political figure assassinated? Ever? Premiers included? And ministers and . . .

We could also talk about the Buddhist monks who are running. There’s something like 250 of them. Never mind that even the Buddhists are saying that the monks shouldn’t be running in the election – they’re not supposed to be that involved in politics – but the monks are doing it anyway. To protect the country, they say. To put it back on course.

To prevent conversion to other religions.

Fahim and I were laughing a few days ago over something he read in the newspaper – about how people in other countries were converting to Buddhism and other non-Christian religions in record numbers..

So these monks are worried about Buddhists converting to Christianity, but in the rest of the world, Christians/whatever are converting to Buddhists. I say chill. It all comes out in the wash.

More importantly, I’m concerned that the monks will get in and somehow pass some kind of law that makes converting to another religion illegal. Remove freedom. Okay, so I know nothing about the politics and laws and such here, but it seems possible.


Ick. It could even become a country with Buddhism as the official national religion. Ick.

Would that mean even more cows roaming the streets?

Would all animal products be banned from the stores? Would we have to start buying our fish/chicken/other animal products off the black market? Or would they call it the red market?

(In the event the previous paragraph made no sense to you, Buddhists are supposed to be vegetarians. Please note I said "supposed to be", not "all are".)

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