Battlestar Galactica – original series

Fahim and I watched the first two episodes, even though all three episodes form the series opener. That was all we had downloaded at the time.

Why? you ask? Well, quite simply, I couldn’t remember if I’d ever seen it, or if I had, what happened, so this seemed like a reasonable way to answer that question. Plus we wanted to see how the original stacked up to the elephant dung of the remake.

The original wasn’t as brilliant and exciting as Fahim remembered, but on the other hand, it took them 20 minutes to accomplish what took the remake two hours. In other words, the remake was slow slow slow slow slow. Plodding. Boring. Dull.

Not that the original compares to, say, Stargate. It doesn’t. But considering when it was put on? It’s pretty good.

Fahim later downloaded the next three episodes – the one that finishes the season opener plus the next two.

I enjoyed them as well, and honestly, I’d like to see the rest of the series, but Fahim’s bored enough with it that he won’t download it for me. Grr.

Author: LMAshton

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