What, Are Cows Really Everywhere?

Oh yeah.

Fahim and I walked to his work to use the internet today – he still hasn’t put sufficient air into the tires for both of us. I took a pic of him at his work computer – mostly to prove that yes, in fact, he actually does have a job and isn’t pulling one over on all of you who know him through his Developer’s Corner and Solipsistic Meanderings. Or also for those of you who know and love me and need to be convinced he’s not a deadbeat.

On the way home, we encountered several cows eating grass or garbage or whatever. I took another picture of one.

I’m writing today a month after the fact (remember I warned everyone at the beginning of Book in a Month?), so there are holes in my memory. Here’s one of them. Fahim went out this afternoon – I have no idea where to, but it was without me. While he was gone, it started raining along with winding. Not winding as in winding along the road, but winding as in wind gusting at 60 kilometres per hour. So winding as in gusting probably isn’t a word, but live with it. This is my blog and I can do – and write – whatever I want, so there. 🙂 Anyway, my point being that the wind was moving at a pretty good pace. This pic oughta show you what I mean. And here’s a pic of Fahim just after he walked in the rain. If I recall correctly, he was only out in the rain for less than five minutes. Yep, that’s right, folks.

Fahim continued working on the plotting program for me, talking to himself the entire time. Okay, I talk to myself, too, but that doesn’t disturb my concentration. His does. 😀

And here’s Fahim attempting to make a funny face. It’s really a rather feeble attempt, I think. I also think mine is much better.

Is this something I should be proud of????????

See, the logic is thusly. Fahim’s funny face is completely au naturel. In other words, he always looks funny even without trying. I, on the other hand, being a natural beauty, really have to work hard at looking, oh, disturbed. 🙂 You, dear reader, may vote. 😀

And we had muscat for dessert. 😀

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