We’re Baaaaaaack!!!!

I baked the cake for about five minutes too long, so the bottom is a little chewy, and Fahim likes it this way. Go figure.

I think the only reason he likes it is because it’s a chocolate cake with raisins and chocolate chunks in it. In other words, loaded with sugar.

What he doesn’t know is that not only does it have rolled oats in it (steel cut, long cooking – in other words, the really healthy version), it also has oat bran (fibre good – also healthy) to sort of help it redeem itself. So yeah, it’s a chocolate fest, but . . .

I offered to ice it – he said it didn’t need it – because it’s already chocolate. If it wasn’t chocolate cake, then it would need chocolate icing.

Have I mentioned that my entire family – all relatives, pretty much – cousins, aunts, sibs, and the occasional uncle – all chocoholics?

He fits right in. 🙁

Okay, okay. 🙂 :p

Author: LMAshton

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