I think today I’ll bake a cake.

Did I mention that Fahim buys more sweets when he goes shopping by himself than he does when I’m with him? Yes, I know, silly question. Of course I mentioned it, but it was months ago, and those of you who’ve joined recently in reading the blog may not have read back that far yet. For that matter, even my (loyal) readers may not have read it. We can all be a little fickle at times, right?

Wrong! Fahim would argue. Maybe the rest of you, but not me, he’d say. Okay, okay. Revisionist statement soon to appear.

Most of us can be a little fickle at times, right?

Okay, now that we’re all satisfied, let’s get back to Fahim and the sweets issue.

I find it funny that he buys more sweets without me than he does with me. Especially since, or because, to tell you the truth, when we go shopping together, it’s not me who vetoes the sweets, it’s him. Completely and totally. Without exception.

He’s fickle.

He’ll argue with me, but I tell you, it’s true. 🙂

When I started getting over my cold, I mentioned one day that if I felt up to it, I would mend the mosquito net. It has a few holes from back when Oberon was allowed to sleep in our bedroom. We have a few holes that are big enough for mossies to crawl through – assuming they can find the holes.

Fahim immediately – and not even a single breath between, that immediately – says that if I’m feeling that good, then I should make a cake. That’s far more important than mossie bites disturbing sleep.

I was getting all ready to make the cake – the rice was cooked, my portion of vegetables were removed from the frying pan and Fahim’s were still dying, and I cooked the chicken yesterday – so I was going to get a cake done. But then I was interrupted.

But it was a good interruption.

Estere my drama teaching friend called. She’s hilarious, she’s entertaining, and I love her to bits. I ended up turning off Fahim’s veggies – it was either that or let them burn cuz I’d be soooo distracted by Estere – but they’d cooked long enough that they were dead enough for Fahim boy. So Estere and I talked. For 45 or 50 minutes – or something pretty close to that.

The only reason the conversation ended as soon as it did was because my phone ran out of money.

It all goes back to that whole pay as you go plan. Fahim’s phone has free incoming calls, mine doesn’t. So that phone card I bought a mere week or two ago is now all used up. And it was completely worth it. 🙂

I told Fahim about that when he came home for lunch – which was about two minutes after the phone cut out – and his reaction was as expected. "What were you doing?"

Anyway. There goes the plan for having the cake ready for lunch. 🙁 Estere, I’m just kidding. I’d always prefer conversation to you over baking a cake or all sorts of other things.

Fahim, of course, and really, this is an "of course", has to remind me that he likes cake with bits in it. Those were his words. Bits. He’s referring to things like raisins and chocolate chunks. Well, it would help if we had a coconut grater and a thingy to open the coconuts – then I’d add shredded coconut to it. That’d be good. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Chocolate and coconut go soooo well together. Yum. But no, we have neither, so coconut is a no go. Never mind the fact that I actually don’t have any coconuts lying around the house anyway. But that’s because we don’t have the implements necessary to deal with them.


So now I’m off to do that whole cake thingy that I sort of started before lunch. And I’m gonna take the raisings and chocolate out of the fridge now so I make sure I remember to put them in the cake this time. And I think I’ll make some chocolate fudge icing again, only this time, I’ll actually follow the directions properly. 🙂 And maybe, just maybe, it’ll turn out properly, too. 🙂

All this on a hot 32 Celsius day. Am I nuts? Or what? Nuts? Yeah. I agree. Nuts.


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