We are starving over here

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PORT BLAIR, India (AP) — Across his tsunami-devastated island, his relatives, friends and teachers lay dead, lost in water that submerged his home. As Koshi Mackenroe John hunkered down on a hill with his parents, there was little he could do except wait for rescuers.

So the 13-year-old started writing letters.

From a forest in remote Katchall Island in India’s Andaman and Nicobar archipelago, Koshi wrote page after page in his neat cursive handwriting, reporting the devastation around him and pleading for help.

"Dear Uncle," read one letter dated December 28, two days after the tsunami. "Everything is over. … About 2,000 acres of land was overwhelmed and destroyed by the flood. We are starving over here and trying to send messages because every communications center or station is destroyed."

"I hope you will find this letter very soon… We need an immediate rescue."

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