Vision is a Good Thing

Today was a mostly uneventful day.

About the only thing worth mentioning is that Fahim picked up his contacts and my glasses today.

My glasses arrive in a grey plastic case, and I open them up, and first thing I notice is a huge scratch right accross the front of one of the lenses.

But I also notice that they’re filthy. Greasy as all get out.

So, in the middle of cursing the optician’s office, I wash the lenses.

Oh look. Yon scratch is gone.

Gee, do I feel silly or what?

And I started wearing them, and let me tell you, they feel so much better than my previous prescription did. This shouldn’t be a surprise. There was a huge difference in prescriptions.

In case you missed that entry, I used to have a prescription of -2.25. My prescription is now -0.75. Meaning that my eyes improved that much. Yup they did.

And these new glasses aren’t giving me headaches. And I can see with them. Perfectly fine.

Can you say "I’m happy"? I can. I’m happy.

Good vision without headaches can only be a good thing.

Author: LMAshton

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