Bad Chicken. Bad Bad Chicken.

From the local chicken stall, we got a bad batch of chicken. And yes, this is another one that belongs all over the place, but since I don’t remember when we bought the chicken, or when we started eating it, I’m throwing it into this day. Live with it.

I thought the chicken was going rotten. Fahim thinks it’s a chemical smell. Either way, I’m not inclined to eat it.

See, I first smelled it when it was thawing out, but my nose is not always reliable. I smell things that aren’t there, and things that aren’t there, I don’t smell. So is it me or is it real? I don’t know for sure. I cook up the chicken anyway.

During the cooking process, I can still smell it, but it’s not as bad. After it’s cooked, we eat.

My piece tastes terrible. Fahim says his is perfectly fine. So he keeps on eating. I let him have my piece, too. I’m not eating it. Why not?

A few bites in, he tastes the bad part, too, and it turns out that it’s only one spot. I refuse to eat the rest of the chicken the next meal. It’s now all Fahim’s.

The next time I thaw out chicken, well, I’m already suspicious that it’s going to be bad, but since Fahim said it was only one piece, I’m willing to give it a chance. It’s thawed out, I smell it, and I can smell something funny, but it’s not as strong as the last time. Fahim sniffs at it, and he can smell it, too.

Fahim says that if we deep fry it, even if it is starting to go bad, it’ll be fine for eating. We can’t cook it any other way and expect it to be okay. Okay, fine. So Fahim seasons it – rather strongly, I might add – and it’s deep fried. We eat it, and yeah, it’s okay. There’s so much chile powder and such to kill anything that might have been there.

Well, we have, what, another six or something portions of chicken from the same batch. They’re all going to have to be cooked the same way. No choice. I won’t eat them at all otherwise.

Usually, with the bony bits and the liver and stuff, I prefer to make stoup out of it. No way. Not this time. I’m not going to ruin soup with bad chicken. Fugedaboudid.

Fahim says that, with the bony bits, if you deep fry it long enough, the bones become all crunchy and you can chew them and eat them. Okay, I’m willing to try that once and see what I think.

It turns out that he’s right. It’s good that way.

And that was how we ate all of the rest of that batch of chicken. Deep fried. Pretty good.

Author: LMAshton

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