Vacation plans – email from Kim in Male, Maldives

For now, the trip is still on. But yes, we may return to Canada out of Sri Lanka. Drew has a job today. We have set up pretty much a full house, complete with vacuum cleaner and microwave. But now what? If that’s the case, it’s a week and a half away, and we have a house full of stuff. I’ve been to garage sales, you know.

Fine suggestion doing Kandy last. We have friends who had been planning to travel Sri Lanka and Maldives in the same time frame that we were traveling, but they are two childless couples. We weren’t going to do activities or travel together, but thought we might meet up, at least. Really, their plans may be changed considerably. Their van and driver they negotiated is $4000 rupees a day. We’ve left some of the plans in the hands of our Kandy friend. He will book a hotel in Kandy for us on the sixth. He is to contact Fahim with details. We are hoping that FAhim and Razook can communicate the best, and make the best arrangements? Razook was to travel out of Male December 26, right around the time the big wave hit here. He called us at the time, but we weren’t clued into what was happening yet. He should have been on a plane today. We haven’t made any van reservations at all. This can be done with Razook as well. We have another contact whose can costs $200 for two weeks including hotels and gas from Rhonda. We didn’t make contact, as Razook is to make travel arrangements for us.

We would take the train as much as possible, and the bus as well. These are of course, very cheap travel choices.

How much water will Yala be under? How will travel be affected with this tsunami? We’ve pretty much been assuming that you’re okay, knowing geographically where you are located. Are the roads south of Kandy suitable for travel or should we skip anything south? We weren’t going near Trincomalee anyway, but will the roads be hectic with disaster travel?

Ike’s birthday is this week, too. I wonder if the ladies will want to party? I haven’t spoken to anyone about it yet, and several of the kids have been sick lately. Sounds like all the same cold and fever.

I think I’m a little in shock.


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