Church members in Sri Lanka affected by the tsunami

One family in the Negombo branch and one family in the Colombo 2 branch are staying at the church overnight. Their home is fine, but with further tsunami warnings, they’re safer staying at the church, which is farther from the ocean, until the tsunami warning has passed. We haven’t heard from all our members yet. I expect there will be more problems.

This morning, the LDS Humanitarian Aid missionaries in Colombo (we have another set in Negombo) are visiting the various aid agencies to find out what the needs are so they know what to donate. I don’t know what their budget is, but they will be able to provide much rice, milk powder, jam, and other ediblese to people in need. When the flooding happened in Bangladesh, they went there, as well, to buy food and supplies for the people.

We’re starting to organize donations of clothing and other things for people who have literally nothing but the shirts on their backs.

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