Tuna. Huh?

When we bought tuna, it was a big enough piece for one and a half days, but too small for two full days, and too big for one day. So, guess what? I did the logical and chopped it up for one and a half days. Today, we had the half day.

We had Coconut Tuna Curry and Vegetable Curry with Pink Rice for lunch.

Me, being the brain dead, or, as we say in some circles, brian dead, person that I am, even though I had only enough fish for one meal, I made enough rice and veggies for two, not even thinking about it. Yeah, poor brian. He gets blamed for everything, and he isn’t even alive.

So the extra rice and veggies went into the freezer

In the freezer, we had some leftover dark fish curry from the bicycle fish guy with vegetable curry and rice. We took that out and it became the basis for stoup.

We call it stoup cuz it’s halfway between a stew and a soup. And honestly, I prefer stoups to soups anyway.



leftover pink rice – about 1 cup cooked

leftover vegetable curry – about 1 cup cooked

3 cups water (or maybe four – I dunno, but something like that.)

1 vegetable bouillion cube

salt and pepper to taste

3 onion shoots – for added freshness (Slap!)

And heat until it boils. Voila, and done.


And we went grocery shopping. Or so Fahim tells me. Honestly, I don’t remember what I did a half hour ago, so is he mistaken? Did we actually? Oh heck, yeah, sure, whatever.

I do, on occassion, write things in here as they happen. That’s really the ideal way of things, isn’t it? Yup, I completely agree.

So, since nothing happened today, I’m going to end this entry now.

Author: LMAshton
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