Ice Cream Bicycles

It also rained today, and I took some more pictures to help you see how hard it rains here. I think I have a good one here.

I’ve mentioned the ice cream truck before. It prowls the neighborhood with it’s loud tune – it’s a different tune than we’re used to hearing in North America, but it’s still distinctly Ice Cream Truck. This time, I finally managed to stick my head out the window before it drove out of site, so I finally got to see what it looks like, plus I managed a pic for you.

First things first. Again with stating the obvious. It’s not a truck. In Canada, we have trucks. Back in the seventies, we have bicycles, but decades later, definitely a truck. Here, it’s a bicycle.

But wait, there’s more.

Take a look at it.

Whaddya see?

Okay, I’ll point it out. The umbrella is over where the guy sits and peddles. But his seat is at the very back, the handles are closest to the refrigerated compartment, and that means that the refrigerated compartment is in front.

Again with stating the obvious.

That means that his steering is very very difficult. He has to turn the refrigerated compartment to turn the bicycle. Can you say awkward?

Fahim and I were talking about this, and Fahim’s comment was, “No, they’re not usually like that.” So this guy evidently got an assembly line major booboo that no one felt like fixing. Poor guy.

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