Today is also a holiday.

Other than those manning the polling stations or monitoring the elections has the day off. This, of course, means that Fahim has to work. He is, after all, the computer geek fixing the Groove problems here so the elections can be monitored by some of the organizations. Or one form of election monitoring, anyway. A lot of the election monitors call their reports in rather than bothering with typing things into computers and such. Well, Fahim knows a lot more about this than I, so really, he should be writing about it, not me.

There have also been speculations on having curfews starting yesterday – depending on how violent everything became. The good news is that things have been quiet, therefore no need for curfews. Yet.

I’m told that it can still get very violent. Wait and see.

Did I mention yet that church has been cancelled on Sunday? No? Well, it’s because the District Presidency is playing it safe – things could get ugly and churches could wind up being burned in the aftermath of the elections. So just better to plan on not being there rather than deciding at the last minute and have half the people show up in time for a burning.

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