President’s party is winning

So far. And I don’t like it.

The voting took place yesterday, and no, the results aren’t completely in yet. They’re still counting.

The good news is that it appears as though there’s no after election violence so far. Let’s hope it stays that way.

But what difference does it make if the President’s party wins? Well, it likely means that the cease fire is over, the peace process is over, and the Tamil Tigers will resume bombing, shooting, and otherwise killing.

But let’s talk about the election for a few minutes. The President’s party is getting around 50% of the votes, the Prime Minister’s party around 40% of the votes, and whatever’s left over went to the other couple of hundred parties.

Okay, that’s much less than a few minutes. But I’m done. For now.

Should I mention what programming on tv is like right now?

The channel Fahim is watching, and that I am sorta taking in in the background, is showing movies with interruptions of voting results. Yep, it’s now 10:16am, and we’re still getting election results. Voting ended yesterday at 4pm. Can you say, “Delay”? Or maybe it’s just that they don’t, in all fairness, have any automation in the counting process.

Most of the channels have whatever programming with interruptions of voting results. Ah well.

Jaffna and Battacoala elected the Tamil party resoundingly. Those are highly Tamil populated areas, so no surprise there.

Fahim has also told me that, even though the President’s party may have the majority, the Tamil party will likely join with the Prime Minister’s party after all the election results are in. Both the Prime Minister’s party and the Tamil party want the peace process to go forward. And yes, it’s common for parties to band together after the election results are in.

However, if the President’s party has more than 50%, it’s useless. If less, than it might work, but only if the Buddhist monk’s party doesn’t band with the President’s party. So even though things seem to be going in a certain direction, it’s not over until well after it’s actually over. If that makes sense.

Anyway, it’s now 1.11pm and election results are STILL coming in. How much longer until final results? I haven’t a clue.

Update: it’s 4.24 pm, and results are still coming in. Yeah. Whatever.

And now Fahim is alternately asking me to scratch his butt – dead skin is flaking off, and I’m the monkey who grooms him – and asking to use my computer to play games on. But is he willing to offer me a bribe? Nope.

And Fahim is tired, draped his legs all over me, and fell asleep. I can’t move. I’m being held prisoner. Sigh. 🙂

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