Time Change

Sri Lankan time change
Half hour back, now match region
Everyone still late.

So my haikus suck. Deal. :p

Here’s the deal.

A bunch of years ago, Sri Lanka’s time was GMT +5:30. Then President Bandaranaike, the nutjob whacko woman, was elected, and it changed to GMT +6. The fact that she’s a wacko probably has nothing to do with changing the time. Unrelated information. 😀

So for a bunch of years, the time sat at +6.

But now, with a new president elected, it’s been changed back to GMT +5:30.


Well, it would seem that a. it matches the time zones in the rest of the region and b. so everyone won’t be late anymore.

Because everyone’s used to getting up and going to work or school or wherever at a certain time, but always late, so theoretically, they’ll now be on time.

Yeah. Good luck with that.

Author: LMAshton

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