Let the Chaos Begin!

Fahmi hired a driver for the next few days. What with everything going on, I gather the general consensus is that, given that only Fahmi and their mother drive, and they’ll be busy, it just makes good sense.

So, because we have a large and largely unoccupied house, and Fahim’s parent’s house is largely occupied because of the wedding with no room to squeeze in more people, the driver stayed at our place last night and will continue to stay at our place until the end.

This also means that we can get moving to the in-laws earlier in the day than we could if we were dependant on hiring a van.

So, last night was day one of the driver staying at our place.

So, this morning, we head to Fahim’s parent’s place for breakfast. 😀

Have I mentioned that Fahim’s mom is a great cook? She’s a great cook.

In other news, I met a boatload of aunts and uncles… It was confusing. Never mind that there were less than a half dozen of them…

And Fathima, Derrick, and the girls arrived today as well. In the middle of the night, since that’s when overseas flights all seem to come in. So they rested for a while before coming over – a very smart idea when you’re talking about young children who need their sleep. Which is pretty much all young children. 🙂

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