Thunder, Lightning, and Monsoons

Have I mentioned we’re in monsoon season? I kid, I know I have. Today, right now, at this very moment, it’s raining. It’s not one of those gentle downpours we get in oh, say, southern Manitoba (I joke about that, too. They get some pretty nasty storms in the summer complete with golfball sized hail.) But seriously, it’s raining – and I’ve mentioned before that we have a balcony in the back of the house which is about four feet wide, and there’s an overhang from the roof another two feet past that. Rain is hitting our dining room floor.

And we’re experiencing power blackouts. So far, they’re lasting for only a few seconds at a time, but there’s been close to a dozen in the last five minutes.

And the thunder. Back when I was still in Canada, I asked Fahim about monsoons and thunder and lightning and I asked him what was it like. See, living in British Columbia (Vancouver and Kelowna – at different times, of course), I really missed the thunder and lightning from Alberta. BC really doesn’t have anything that compares at all. The thunder and lightning in BC was very very wussy – barely noticeable, if that, and it only happened maybe a couple of times a year. I told Fahim all of that, including the fact that Alberta can get some pretty good thunder storms happening. Fahim says oh, no, Sri Lanka has nothing like that.

Fahim’s an idiot.

Pardon me, my love, you are the dearest dearest man in the whole wide world. But. Either

you never notice them

you have no sense of perspective

you’re deaf

you’re blind

you’re an idiot.

Which do you choose?

Honestly, it’s actually door number 2. But freak’n cow, I digress.

The thunder here is loud.

And when I say loud, I really do mean LOUD.

I loved the storms in Alberta. I’ve never been scared of thunder for even one day in my life. The thunder here is loud enough that I jump. It sounds like it’s going off right above my head – and it probably is.

And yes, this is happening right now, and it’s happened quite a few times in the last month, too. But I’ll get to that a bit later.

The lightning – at least some of it, anyway – is touching down within a mile of here. The thunder and lightning has, so far, lasted for at least forty five minutes. Loud crashing thunder for forty five minutes.

Oh, did I mention the leaks in our roof? Which our landlord hasn’t had fixed yet? One in the kitchen – which is why that top cupboard is rotted through. One in the living room. One in the spare bedroom. Thankfully nothing’s been damaged yet – of ours. Thankfully it’s not leaking in our bedroom. Hallelujah.

Oh, the other thing about the thunder and lightning storms – when it does that, it rains – a lot. Really a lot. Harder than the other rainstorms I’ve mentioned before. And the sky is completely black. It’s currently four in the afternoon, and the rain started around 2:30. I’ve had to turn on lights – it’s as dark as night outside.


That’s what’s exciting in my life.

That and more writing my novel. The good news is I have around 250 pages. I need, theoretically, around 400, so only (Hah! Only!) 150 more. And I’m going to complete the blasted thing by the end of the month. Or else.

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