More on Septic Tanks

This morning, the guys Mr Perera, yon owner who’s supposed to arrange for things to be fixed, actually arranged for septic tank drainage guys to show up. I see the big truck with the vacuum hose out my living room window and they’re banging on the doors for the downstairs neighbor, but no one’s answering. Gee, could it perhaps be because no one told them the septic tank guys were coming? Otherwise why would they arrange things themselves out of their own pockets? After a few minutes of banging, one of them sees me, points me out to the others, and they start yelling at me. Well, no one informed me they were coming either. Besides, it’s already been dealt with. It’s not my responsibility to deal with this, and these guys can’t even be bothered to come to my door, so I ignore them. They give up yelling at me after five or ten minutes and they drive away.

Later this afternoon, but before Fahim gets home from work, my doorbell rings. I open my door and see a young guy at the gate beside a white van. I have no idea who this guy is and I’m not expecting him or anyone else. He askes me if the septic tank guys showed up this morning. Yeah, probably, I say. Probably? Well, I don’t actually know for a FACT that they were septic guys. It only looks that way. I don’t read Sinhalese, so I don’t actually know what the lettering on the side says. I tell this guy that septic people showed up last night. He keeps asking me questions, but I don’t understand him, so I shrug my shoulders. He gives up and goes away.

So. Why is he asking me? Why isn’t he talking to Saranjeet, who actually DOES know what’s going on? Whatever.

Anyway, that’s pretty much my day.

That, and the ox.

Author: LMAshton

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