Thread Shopping

I couldn’t get the thread I needed for a dress I want to sew. The place I normally go to for thread was closed (they have a great selection), so went to the little 2’x3′ booth thingy instead, (in the same building as Salusala fabric store) and they didn’t have the right colors. I’ll have to try again next week at the first place and hope they’re open.

But I did manage to get burgundy bias tape, so I can finish my aprons. Except I forgot buttons, so I’ll have to use safety pins instead until I can get da buttons.

And I got a thimble that fits! I have big hands and big fingers – men’s medium or larger gloves only, please don’t try to fool me with a women’s large, it won’t fit, and yes, I have tried and no, I’m not mistaken or exaggerating – and they had one that actually fit! You have no idea how difficult this has been for me in the past!

So. Now to finish the aprons and also a nightgown. Oh, and some pants I cut up but haven’t started sewing yet, but the shopping trip today had nothing to do with that.

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