This evening, Fahim has to go out without me. Drat.

His infoshare/groove thing has an official launch tonight, and Fahim’s supposed to speak at it, and apparently, there were more invitations/guests expected than the number of people the caterers were expecting. Therefore, no spice allowed. (Spice=plural of spouse, much like lice is the plural of louse, and mice is the plural of mouse.) Yup. No spice. So I have to stay at home. By myself.


And today, I made leftover soup. I usually make about the same amount of food every day, and usually, there are no leftovers. But occassionally, one of us isn’t hungry, or something happens, and there are some leftovers. Well, I freeze them, fully knowing that they’ll end up being made into stoup when there’s enough that I want to empty out the freezer. The fact that all the leftovers are already seasoned doesn’t matter – the stoup still ends up being good.

Today was that day.

There was still some Salt Shrimp Okra leftover, so that went in. Fahim was all content to keep eating it, but I figured that it would be better off in the soup. Dilute the salt. There wasn’t enough of it left to make the soup too salty, and it went well.

Today was basically an otherwise relatively boring day. I didn’t go out – I don’t most days.

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