Monsoon Season Can Be A Good Thing

One thing I haven’t mentioned yet is that it’s been a lot cooler lately.

I don’t watch the weather on the news, if it’s even on the news, and we don’t have a thermometer, so I have no idea what the actual numbers are. But I can tell you, though, that for the last month or so, I haven’t needed to take a cool me off shower in the middle or at the end of the day. I haven’t been sweating prolifically all the time. In fact, unless I’m cooking or walking somewhere, well, the fans are enough to keep me cool.

I’ve even been getting cold at night.

Not cold enough for a blanket.

I’ve mentioned that we sleep with the fan on – at a setting of 2 for the last few weeks or so, and that’s low – and no blankets or top sheets or anything covering us. Lately, I’ve been cool enough at night that I’ve had to put a sarong over me. It’s not large – it’s barely big enough to cover me. It’s a very lightweight cotton – you can see through it. But it’s enough at night – most nights – to keep me at a comfortable temperature.

It’s actually reached the point where the fan needs to be shut off at around 4am. Huh. Right when Fahim gets up. The coincidence. Go figure.

A few nights, Fahim has shut it off when he got out of bed, and I was comfortable.

Something else I’ve noticed, though. See, at church, there are electronic thermostats. Set the air conditioning on and set the temperature you want it to be at – digital readout.

A comfortable temperature for me with the air conditioning on is about 26 or 27 Celsius. One Sunday, someone set it to 20 and I found it downright chilly. My conclusion – to some degree, at least, I’ve acclimated.

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