The rest of my day . . .

On the other hand, was rather uneventful. A load of laundry. Cooking, as per usual. Some other housework. Plot development for New United Earth. You know. Isn’t it funny how all these little piddling things add up?

Before you know it, the day’s done. And what have you done with your time? Pretty much nothing.

We also went grocery shopping. Had to make sure we had enough food to last for a week because there are extended holidays. Fahim is off work Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, as well as the usual weekend.

So we loaded up on veggies, and I’m scheduling in a chinese stir fry in there some day – probably Wednesday. See, there were no mushrooms, the beans were said (we got a few anyway), so we ended up getting some bean sprouts and Chinese cabbage for a stir fry. The bean sprouts won’t last that long – they’ll go all weepy and then mushy and then all gross and disgusting. So sooner is better than later.

But it can’t be tonight cuz I’ve already cooked. It can’t be tomorrow cuz tomorrow is a one meal only day – for dinner we will be at Fahim’s work party, assuming I go, which Fahim doesn’t care whether I do or not. Just because he’s being difficult.

So Wednesday it is.

And Food City has a larger cereal selection lately. It’s been getting better and better. Their tampon selection, however, is in the toilet. One brand currently, and not the brand I prefer. TMI? Probably. Guys, live with it. Sheesh.

And we stocked up on more baking materials. Raisins, chocolate, brown sugar. Stuff to keep Fahim’s suger festin’ taste buds heppy heppy heppy heppy.

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