Oh, and there was a cow.


But I didn’t have my camera with me.

I’ve taken to calling the camera "my" camera, and Fahim doesn’t say a word. It used to be his, and then we got married and I took over ownership. Or possession thereof, at any rate. Today, I corrected myself about the "my" usage. Fahim says, "Why bother?" He, apparently, has adjusted quite well to it. Oh goody.

But still, will that undermine further discussions of "what’s yours is ours"?

Back to the cow.

There was a cow on the road. The main road. Right in front of Food City. But, like I said, no camera. Darn.

Yon cow was walking along, sauntering and meandering even. We had to dodge her while we were dodging traffic to get past her to get into the grocery store.

How many cows do you have walking around in your neighborhood?

Seriously, I’d like to know. If you have cows in your neighborhood, or other animals other than the standard cats and dogs, that are wandering around freely, whimsically, please let me know. I’m sure other readers would like to know, too.



Author: LMAshton

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