The President is nutso.

The President gave a press conference, and in it, she read from a prepared speech – or, at least, from my direction, what looks like a prepared speech – and spouts off about how the government, that is, the Prime Minister’s party, is ruining the country by doing this, that, and the other thing. I mean, seriously, it’s a pretty long laundry list of things that the Prime Minister did, according to her.

Accusations are flying as if they’re fact. Is there proof? Oh, are you kidding me? Politicians here don’t let a little thing called proof or lack thereof stand in the way of making outrageous claims!

Let us recall that whole "The Christians killed the monk! Burn all the Christians!" stuff that was going on back in December. No evidence there, either, but that hardly matters.

And it’s all in an effort to garner votes so that she’ll have the government as well.

So to the accusations.

The Prime Minister was responsible for murdering her husband. New evidence has just come to light regarding this.

Never mind that said evidence will never see the light of day.

Never mind that no evidence has likely ever seen the day.

Never mind that she’s accused other people of plotting to kill her husband.

Never mind that she accuses different people of killing her husband depending on her mood, the political climate, who she thinks she can damage, and who she sees as her worst enemy in the moment.

Never mind that, in the minds of some people here, anyway, she was the one who actually plotted to kill her husband.


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