Pizza in Sri Lanka

By the time I get back home to Fahim, it’s 4:30, and I’ve been gone for more than 10 hours, and I have missed him. And I’m tired. And I don’t feel like cooking for dinner tonight.

For lunch, Fahim ate leftovers from yesterday – he didn’t make it home for lunch, so there was enough for him to eat today, as much as he would have preferred something else. Oh well.

For supper, Fahim says, out of the blue, “Want pizza?” “YES!” I’ve been craving pizza for a while. I haven’t had cheese in how long? Pizza – last time I had it, I was in Canada. Oh, yeah, I want pizza!

We order from Domino’s Pizza, and arrange to have it delivered. We order a large Sea food Extravaganza (Onion, Crisp Capsicum, Red Pepper, Prawn & Cuttle Fish) for 599 Rupees. We also have a coupon for free Garlic Breadsticks, which we order, and Fahim also orders Jalapeno dipping sauce. Delivery is free, and guaranteed in 30 minutes or Rs 30 off on every pizza delivered late.

It arrives in 36 minutes. Fahim doesn’t even bother trying to get the 30 Rupees off. Not worth it. They’ll just argue that it was only 6 minutes. Yeah, okay. Whatever. I don’t really care, to tell you the truth.

The Garlic Breadsticks were disappointing. The picture on the brochure shows them as fluffy and all nice looking. Ours were flat and greasy. They may not have risen enough – that’s my bet. But they weren’t great.

The pizza was pretty good. Didn’t have enough pizza sauce – couldn’t tell that it was there, to tell you the truth. The veggies were as fresh as advertised. I didn’t notice any red peppers, though, and forgot to check, so I’m taking it on faith that they were even there.

Let me put it this way. According to Panago’s standards, it was a dismal failure. But I’m soooo biased towards Panago’s pizza. They’re my favorite. 🙂

Oh yeah. Fahim gets massive points for this. It was exactly what I needed.

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