The Great Escape, Part Deux

We’ve been putting the cats on the balcony overnight for the last week. We had a peeing incident and Fahim’s reaction wasn’t pretty. He no longer likes them all that much. Unfortunately. So outside they go – at least, until they gain our trust again. I hope. Normally, we open the balcony doors again at around 6:30 and let them in. This morning, I opened the doors, and in comes Oberon.



I call her name – no response. I take a shower, then go out onto the balcony and call her name again. This time, I hear her meowing – from below me. She’s in the neighbor’s back yard, and the neighbors are gone for the weekend and likely won’t be back until Sunday night. Oh no!

There’s nothing to be done, we figure, so we do other things, like start breakfast. Besides, I figure that, if I rescue her quickly, or at least attempt a quick rescue, she may not have the proper incentive to not get into a sticky situation again. Delaying may prolong her agony and therefore prove to be a deterrent in the future. I can hope, can’t I?

Eventually, after I get dressed, I go down our stairs into our sort of yard where the car port is and head for the metal door that adjoins our sort of yard with their sort of back yard. I take a look around, hoping I’ll find some tools or implements or something that will help me help Tellulah to jump over the wall into my arms – it’s over my head, and Tellulah is a good jumper, but not that good.

Instead, I see that, at the bottom of the door, there’s some bendable wire mesh, just barely wide enough for Tellulah to get through. I bend it, creating an opening for her, and call for her. She’s a little slow on the uptake, but eventually, after I’ve called her name a few times, she comes over to where I am and starts meowing, but she’s still not figuring it out. I put my hand through the hole and wave at her to come here. Finally, she does, she looks around, I see the light bulb coming on, and she crawls through.

Hallelujah! That was easy, relatively speaking.

Author: LMAshton

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