“The Alien Way” by Gordon R. Dickson

First published 1965.


You know how I mentioned that, in "None But Man" that the Moldaug were all about Respectability and NotRespectability?

"The Alien Way" is about the Ruml and Honor and NotHonor.

Other than that, it’s pretty much the same as "None But Man". Lone Man alone can save All Humans everywhere. Lone Man alone is in unique position to understand All Humans and Ruml. No one else can.

Lone Man is willing to take all the risks and do everything himself, no matter the cost, to save All Humans and also Alien Ruml. Lone Man wants to save both sides from Certain Destruction and have Everyone live in Peace, Love, and Harmony.

In other words, except for how Lone Man goes about getting The Job done, it’s basically the same as "None But Man".


I feel let down.

Granted, I could have stopped reading when I figured it out – oh, say 20 pages in, give or take twenty pages. But since I’m running out of reading material, I pretty much have little choice but to read everything we’ve got.

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