Thai Pongal Day = Boiling Milk Day

That’s today. But here’s what you should know – the Thai in Thai Pongal Day refers not to Thailand the country, but rather to a Tamil word meaning Milk. Pongal, by association, means Boiling.

Boiling Milk Day

Okay, I sorta get it. No, I didn’t. But I asked Fahim, my never ending source of information on all things Sri Lankan, and even though I forget about, oh, 80% of what he says, I find it interesting anyway. All six times he tells me. I continue to be amused at anecdote after same anecdote after same anecdote.

The point behind a Boiling Milk Day?

It goes something like this.

Yep, I forgot it already. I’ll have to ask Fahim and then write it down as he tells me.

Fahim tells me that Boililng Milk Day is a Tamil festival. That’s all he says. Then I try to drag more out of him. He says it has something to do with the harvest coming in and people celebrate, but since he’s not Tamil, he’s not sure if it’s the harvest or not.

He says they boil milk because it’s a sign of good luck. When people go to a new house, they boil milk first of all. That’s it.

He even says, after I read it back to him, that I didn’t even misquote him or anything. But he only vouches for this very small section.

Yeah, dude. Whatever!

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