Ten years and no one’s dead yet!

Ten years ago today…

I landed in Sri Lanka.

I met Fahim in person for the first time. Yes, he's always been this goofy. Since the very first day. 🙂


Although these are pretty mild compared to now…

Fahim and I shared our first kiss… At the airport… In front of a huge crowd of strangers and one security guard who eventually told us to get out of the way.

Fahim took me to our new home. We rented the upper floor of this house.

Fahim and I got married.

Happy anniversary to us!

Ten years later? It's been a pretty good ride. Lots of love and laughter, not much anger or sadness. He sometimes drives me nuts when he won't stop talking. He drives me nuts with his silly puns – and there are many of them. And he drives me up the wall with the rest of his silly humour. But, yeah, I think I'll keep him. 😀

We had planned to go somewhere for dinner, but then I got sick in Sri Lanka and haven't recovered yet, so we're celebrating next week.We'd planned on Monday for lunch, but then it turns out that's when our washing machine will get fixed… Something gets in the way, but that's okay. It isn't one day of celebrating a marriage that makes the marriage. It's all the little moments added up. 🙂

If you haven't read about how we met yet, you need to. It's a good, jaw-dropping story. It's the link below. 🙂

How We Met: The Good Parts Version – Walking the World
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11 thoughts on “Ten years and no one’s dead yet!

  1. Happy Anniversary! I’d forgotten your exact anniversary date–the day before mine. Mine’s one for the books, too, this year; I’ve officially been married half my life. May you still feel the way you do when you get to this milestone date. Wishing you and Fahim many many many more years of smiles, kisses and bad puns.

  2. Hi, Laurie, I’ve never read your blog before, but I had to laugh seeing the pictures and reading how you and Fahim met. It’s very similar to how my husband and I met – and everyone thought we were just as crazy. With him it was New Zealand, but the stories are very similar. Thanks for letting me see a part of your life! With love, Raro (Rebecca) from nauvoo.com

  3. @Socalgal2 – I thought I’d replied to you. I must have just thought about it and forgot to actually do it. Sorry! Married half your life? Wow! And good for you! We won’t reach that point until we’re 70, but hey, looking forward to it. 🙂

    @Rebecca – laughs are welcome. 🙂 Crazy stories just make life more interesting. 🙂 Love to you as well. 🙂

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