Tellulah. Where are you?

Tellulah was gone this afternoon. She again got into the neighbor’s garden, as per usual. She doesn’t come back. The neighbor’s are out for the weekend, also as per usual, so there’s no way to get her back. Uh, Fahim? Dearest? Can you perform feats of strength and agility and climb over there and get her back for me? No? Whaddya mean ‘no’?

So we left her. Me, worried about her. Fahim, laughing at me for worrying about her.

Around ten o’clock the neighbors call – they got in a few minutes before that – to let us know our cat was there and did we want to get her now? We were already in bed and didn’t feel like it – although, come to think of it, I had no vote in the matter at all – so Fahim elected for me to get her tomorrow. Maybe that’ll teach her, I think he’s thinking. Drat.

Author: LMAshton

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