Dead baby gecko.

Geckos. We had them in our bedroom. The kitchen, I’m used to. The bathroom, I’m used to. The bedroom? Na, I don’t want them in my bedroom.

One gecko was tiny, a baby gecko, if you will. Said baby gecko was near our bed, and when I saw it, I screamed. It was a tiny scream, but a scream nontheless. Fahim came running. Okay, honestly, Fahim came at a saunter. A meander really. But he came, so I’ll give him credit for that. Somehow in the ensuing battle between baby gecko and Fahim (or maybe I did it first?), baby gecko wound up under our mattress. Fahim pulled away the mattress to look at baby gecko, which is now dead baby gecko. Fahim kills babies. Make sure everyone knows. He’s violent, man.

Author: LMAshton

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