Sri Lanka – new earthquake zone Earthquakes: Lanka no longer safe

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by Uditha Kumarasinghe

People should be aware that Sri Lanka is no longer safe from earthquakes due to a new plate boundary phenomenon which is being formed in the south of Sri Lanka, Senior Geologist of Peradeniya University and former Director of the Institute of Fundamental Studies Prof. C.B. Dissanayake told the Daily News yesterday. He said there are 12 plate boundaries on Earth which move around.

Sri Lanka is located inside the Indo-Australian plate. Therefore we think that Sri Lanka does not get earth quakes. However geologists have pointed out that a new plate is forming south of Sri Lanka.

As a result the Indo-Sri Lanka plate is breaking up right near the south of Sri Lanka. Therefore this kind of geological change may cause earthquakes.

"Sri Lanka is no longer safe from earthquakes. A recent research conducted by James Cochran, a scientist of Doherty Laboratory in the USA has also predicted this new plate forming phenomenon developing in South of Sri Lanka," he said.


Which is just what this country needs. [/sarcasm]

The question is . . . how bad would the resulting earthquakes likely be? And what will be the local reaction? Will the government prepare for disasters?

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