Sri Lanka declares a state of emergency

Estimates are at 4500 dead and climbing, and it looks like at least half those are in Sri Lanka, and most of the rest are in India. Estimates are also currently at over 1 million Sri Lankan are displaced. Sri Lanka has a total population of around 20 million, so this is 5% of the population. Death, injured, and displaced counts will continue to rise.

Aftershocks are expected to continue for 3-4 days and may be as high as 7 in magnitude.

It ain’t over.

What you can do:

Pray. And often. People around here will need all the prayers they can get.

Donate. Whether it’s the red cross or whatever organizations will step in and help, I have no idea. But when it does become clear, help out as much as you can however you can.

But as for Fahim and I, we’ll likely continue being unaffected unless a major earthquake hits here. (You know, this was part of my reason in leaving Vancouver, BC – major earthquake zone. Damn, but this stuff follows me around.)

Sri Lanka has declared a national state of emergency.

Author: LMAshton

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