3,000 Dead, 1,500 in Sri Lanka

Estimates have now reached at least 3000 dead, with 1500 of them in Sri Lanka. You can read about it here here and here.

The airport in the Maldives has been completely destroyed from what I’ve heard. That’s where my brother in law works, so I’d have to say he’s now out of a job. They were scheduled to visit us in January – arriving January 5th – for a three week visa to renew their tourist visas (sister, niece and nephew – brother in law has work visa). Given that the airport effectively no longer exists, I have no idea how that’s going to happen. I suspect that their entire lives are now likely up in the air.

I just heard from them. Short message, no information, but I’ve heard from them.

Just got another message. They have no tv, so had no idea that anything had happened. I gather they’ve been inside all day and are in an area that’s not flooded. Will find out more later. But they said all is normal with them, so this is all good! Whew!

Author: LMAshton

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