Spider in the toilet?

Uh, yeah.

Fahim, as a typical male, leaves the toilet seat up after he urinates. Today, this morning, immediately after me crawling out of bed bleary-eyed, I was grateful. Because it meant that I could see that big-headed spider.

Remember that spider I mentioned the other day? The big-assed spider giving birth? Same kinda spider, but no egg sac. Hiding in my toilet bowl.

We have a hand-sprayer by the toilet, so of course I doused it with water, trying to get it into the water so maybe, hopefully, it would drown.

In reality, it just collapsed its legs and formed a ball, waited out the rain, and then tried to crawl out again. Spray spray spray spray stop spray, crawl out.

Took three flushes to get that thing down.

Author: LMAshton

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