Elder V. Dallas Merrell and Leadership

I love this man!

He and his wife served as CES missionaries in Sri Lanka and went home last year.

In his devotional address at BYU-Idaho, he said:

"Leadership is in high demand and generally in short supply. The greatest need of this growing church, President Hinckley has said, is for leaders. Freedom and democracy require a broad base of leaders. Business will not emerge and become profitable without leaders. Every family needs leadership."

Yup and absolutely.

He goes on to say, "We do not seek callings and we do not decide where and when we serve. We already made our decisions with sacred covenants. Furthermore, we are obligated to be worthy at all times, and to be as capable and qualified as possible for any responsibility. We are also to be free from entanglements that would restrict our service, such as excessive debt, legal troubles, or a negative image or reputation".

Elder Merrell concluded by asking, "Will you lead? Will you be worthy and do your best to be available to serve whenever and wherever you are called? Will you expand your friendship and allies? Will you accept those servants who will help you learn to lead? Will you grow toward that ruling role for which Heavenly Father has created you? Please answer me, will you lead?"

He is an expert in leadership – he knows what he’s talking about. More importanly, he’s a highly spiritual man who’s hugely in tune with the Holy Ghost.

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