Spices in the Freezer?????

Yeah, it occurred to me that I probably haven’t explained my rationale behind this move. So, I will do so now.

Living in a tropical country, you get to see many more of the 900,000 known species of insects (back when I was in school, it was 800,000 known species. Ah, the times, they are a changin’.), 37,000 known spider species, and 1050 species of geckos (Gekkonidae – go figure!) than you do in the frigid north of Canada, where I never, in my entire life, ever saw a bug eating spices or herbs.

For that matter, I don’t recall every having a bug other than a fly or a mosquito or some spiders sometimes in the house.

Oh what a sheltered life I lead.

And we also had much lower humidity levels, so spices never went moldy. Ever.


*maniacal laughter ensues*

*wipes tears*

Yeah, whole other story.

I’ve had spices eaten by bugs. Red chilli powder which, when I cut the bag open to use it, I can see has clumped together in the web-like remains that a certain bug which I don’t know the name for leaves behind when it chews on stuff.

I find that stuff in my rice sometimes, too.

And it drives me nuts.

I even had a bag of red chilli powder go moldy from the humidity.

No more!

Into the freezer they go!

Stay fresher longer, don’t get infested, or if they’re already infested, kill all the bugs already there and prevent further munching by vermin.

My OCD, of course, dictates that I alphabetize.

Sigh. What a difficult life I lead. 😛

Author: LMAshton

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