Oh, for the update…

I found out that my brother actually did send out an email announcing his marriage and the fact that he took on his wife’s last name. My sister, who got the email, told me. She assumed that I knew since she’d received the announcement and figured I would have received it as well. My brother – not the one who got married, the other one – also assumed I knew because he figured married brother would have sent out an email announcement.

Well, yeah, he did. Just not to me. :p

Anyway, can’t say I blame him for taking her name – ours was in the range of difficult to obnoxiously impossible to deal with, especially for everyone else. No one could ever spell it correctly and pronounce it correctly. One or the other, sure, but never at the same time. I just find it interesting that my brother is… progressive in this regard.

I’m also not overly surprised that he didn’t email me with the news. It’s just because I’m not worthy of knowing, you know, what with me being evil. Or something.

Eh. Whatever.

Author: LMAshton

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