Speaking of Cold Showers

Have I mentioned? It’s cooler most days, plus we get a little bit less sun because the days are getting shorter (although it’s nowhere near as dramatic a daylight loss as those at northern latitudes get, and I could talk on and on about that, but I won’t. Now. Remind me later and I’ll consider it), and guess what that results in?

Cold water.

I’ve mentioned before that we don’t have a hot water tank.

Water can be heated several ways here. Electrical, not so common. Solar, very common. Solar tends to be a big black tank of water on the roof that absorbs heat. Very simple in design. Works very effectively here. And it makes sense – keeps the electrical bill down.

Not all houses have hot water. The houses that foreigners rent – which are at least twice the rent Fahim and I pay, but usually something like three times what we pay – always have hot water. At the level of rent we’re paying, sometimes there’s hot water, sometimes there isn’t.

There isn’t.

The water coming out of the taps is colder because the nights get colder, therefore wherever the water comes from is colder, so we have colder water.

I’m babbling now.

But if you look closely, you’ll see that it’s all related.

Oooooh! Aaaaaaah! Ooooooh!

I tend to wait until later in the morning to take a shower so that the edge comes off the cold water. You know, warms up a little. So it’s not quite so frigid. But then there’s the smell factor. How long can I endure my own smell before I give in and suffer? If my nose worked even less than it does, I could wait until noon when the water is lukewarm – and stays that way until late afternoon.

Fahim would never kiss me.

Fahim would never get within ten feet of me.

This would be an unsatisfactory side effect.

My smell overpowers even me.

Yes, of course I exaggerate. I’m a writer. Didn’t you know? All writers exaggerate. It’s a part of our profession. We took an oath to always exaggerate. It’s called telling lies for fun and profit, and I stole that from the title of a book Lawrence Block wrote, so I’m even attributing it to the author himself.

Grrr. Enough. Procrastination. Time. To. Freeze. Now.

Have. Sympathy. Please.

Please send chocolates, cash, and/or money orders to finance a hot water tank. Yeah, that works for me.

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