Mornings Come Early

Fahim’s back to his regular schedule of waking at 5:45.

He gets out of bed fairly shortly after that. He insists that he has to brush his teeth, put in his eyes. He sleeps with hollow eye sockets. He is a sick, sick man, and somehow he finds it more comfortable this way. That and it grosses me out, and he soooo loves to gross me out. And he has to be fully dressed in order to pray. Okay, dude, whatever you say.

Because of the specific path the earth takes around the sun combined with the angle it tilts at, it’s getting darker earlier, and not getting light until later. At 6:15, it’s still fully dark. It wasn’t in August.

This is something that happens all over the world. Perhaps you’ve heard of it?

I’ve learned recently that not all the chirping and other cheerful sounds I hear are made by birds. There are squirrels, too, who make a lot of noise (and when we’re watching television when they start squaking, Fahim, the non-violent person who won’t kill spiders wants to shoot to kill all the little helpless rabid squirrels), and I thought they were birds.

What can I say? I’m from Canada, and as much as it’s a lot of untouched land and beautiful and natural and yadayadayada, I don’t know the difference between bird versus squirrel sounds.

I’m a gettin’ me an edumacashun’.

I can see my friend Lynn in Pennsylvania laughing at that. Hi Lynn! You’re still reading my blog, aren’tcha?

I’m guessing, from fights that I’ve seen in some of the trees – although I didn’t actually see the fights, I only saw the very top of the tree shaking back and forth violently, so I made the assumption that there was a fight – that possibly larger animals, like, say, monkeys, also contribute to the cacophony.

I mention the noise because it’s particularly loud this morning. I love it. I think it sounds beautiful.

It certainly contributes to the feeling that we’re almost living in a jungle.

Fahim hates it when we’re watching television. He’s a little short sighted, don’t’cha think? (I love you, honey. And I have to admit that inwardly, when you’re cursing those damn squirrels, I’m laughing. But I do sympathize in my deafness.)

And now I’ve had my cup of herbal tea – chamomile this morning – and breakfast – cereal – so I’m fed and watered. Now it’s time to de-smell me. In other words, time for a cold shower.

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