Smallville, Here We Come. But first . . . Church.

We’re having another homemaking this coming Saturday. We’ll be making sweets appropriate for Christmas gift giving. The two women who’ll be teaching that portion are Sisters Bennion (fudge) and Griffiths (uh, other stuff.) I cornered them both, asking them if they had everything under control, did they have everything they needed, etc. Both of them – I had two separate conversations with them, one five minutes after the other – said something about how there isn’t a cooker in the kitchen.

Yeah, there is. Of course, I call it a stove. But that’s okay. As long as we all know what we’re talking about.

See, here, the stoves have a fold down cover – so your guests don’t see your messy burners, I guess. Or you can put things on it. Or something. Whatever.

My stove at home has a clear glass cover. Defeats the purpose of using it to prevents guests from seeing messy burners.

The one at the church has a white cover. Perfect for hiding the fact that it’s a stove.

I show it to both of them, both of whom were pleasantly surprised. Okey dokey. We’re all happy now.

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