You know, honestly, I’m a good cook. but today – well, sometimes life is just downright amusing.

I put the rice on to cook, but evidently, instead of adding the requisite 1 1/2 cups of water, I added only 1/2 cup. Sometimes, I can be downright absentminded. This rice was a victim of such a moment.

Well, Fahim heard something and ran to the kitchen, and checked on the rice. He called out, "dear," in that voice that really means "come quick, you did something wrong and it needs to be dealt with by you personally immediately." I ran. Almost. As much as I run anywhere, anyway. The water was all absorbed by the rice, but the rice wasn’t cooked. I didn’t know how much water I actually added, and since this was a new bag of a different brand, for all I knew it required a differing amount. So I added a half cup and cooked it some more. Then when that water was gone but the rice still wasn’t soft, I added another half a cup and cooked it some more.

Finally, rice is done. Sticky, mushy, a little brown on the bottom, but done.

Fahim shakes his head. If not out loud, then at least in his head.

I swear, I saw it! I did! I did!!!

Fahim, dear, don’t you dare deny it!

Author: LMAshton
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