Slashdot trolling phenomena

Ya learn something new every day.

And in my case, it was about the whole trolling phenomenon.

I knew trolls existed.

I don’t mean the ones that live under the bridge – those I don’t know. I’ve never seen sufficient evidence either way. :p

But trolls as in forum trolls.

One forum in particular that I haunt has trolls – they rotate in and out and enough people ignore them and don’t feed into their pettiness that they eventually get bored and go away. That and the mods are sufficiently quick to ban them and delete their posts when reported. Works out very well.

The other forums I go to don’t have trolls. So my troll experience is, shall we say, limited. And that would be a good thing.

And then there are the slashdot trolls. Enough of them to warrant a classification system dedicated to them. Along with discussion on the history of, the effects of, trolltalk, slashcode, and so on and so forth. A real education.

Of course, they also have a section on general trolling.

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