Animal Planet has a program called “Cell Dogs”

So. Apparently, dogs behind bars isn’t totally unique.


Cell Dogs follows the remarkable and intriguing story of the hundreds of lost, forgotten, abandoned and abused dogs sent to American prisons each year.

The dogs have committed no crime but, like the inmates who look after them, they have reached the end of the line. The Cell Dogs have one last chance, taken in by prisoners at some of the most terrifying institutions in the United States; these animals are being trained for a better life.

Animal Planet meets the forgotten few   human inmates and abandoned animals   that together can help change each other s lives.

Behind the walls of America s most frightening prisons, locked up for crimes ranging from assault to murder, the Prison Pet Partnership Programme is the last chance for the inmates to make a positive contribution and the dogs  final chance for freedom and a good life.

Examining the number of successful rehabilitation schemes that have saved hundreds of pound dogs, Cell Dogs shows how hardened criminals are training these unwanted creatures to be wonderful pets, future guide dogs and, ironically, candidates for the Police Academy.

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