Sinhala and Tamil New Years can be a pain in the butt

See, most people are taking the entire week off. Most shops are closed for the entire week. That means no groceries. That means stocking up.

It also means that yesterday and today, all grocery stores in particular are jam packed.

Fahim did the grocery shopping, so I didn’t experience this first hand. But I still know it to be true.

On my way home from church, our trishaw passes a whole bunch of grocery stores. And there were cars and trishaws parked in front of them like I’d never seen before. Crowds milling about, trying to wind their way through the vehicles to the grocery store or away from it. Serious crowds.

Yeah, I’m a whiner.

And for the record, even though Fahim bought groceries on Saturday, there’s the whole "Saturday produce sucks" phenomenon, and added to a week of holidays, and the produce sucked even more than usual. Vegetables were basically tiny piles of whatever the store still had next to more tiny piles of whatever the grocery store had left, and all were in rough shape.

Fahim actually bought a couple of bags of frozen veggies. Just because the other veggies were that bad.

We’ll survive, though.

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