Day prior to Sinhala and Tamil New Year Day

Fahim seriously doesn’t work a whole lot this week. And that, above, is exactly how it’s worded in the calendars here. No, NOT New Years Eve. It isn’t. That’s something totally different. No, this is the Day Prior to . . .

Fahim is neither Sinhala nor Tamil, so this isn’t a celebration he gets into.

But he still gets it off, so who cares?

Oh, yeah. Today’s a holiday. Tomorrow is a huge holiday. Wednesday is a holiday. And most people aren’t working Thursday or Friday, either.


And that means that most shops aren’t open for the entire week.

The entire country, basically, is shut down.

It also means that there’s no competing traffic. A lot of people have gone to their ancestral villages for the week and spend the time with family. The roads are empty empty empty.

Author: LMAshton

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