Signs I’ve Been Living in Sri Lanka Too Long. . .

  1. When I run out of curry powder, I freak out and wonder how I’ll ever manage to cook anything the least bit decent without it.
  2. I stop taking cow pictures.
  3. It doesn’t even cross my mind to mention the cows stopping traffic in my blog.
  4. Or the water buffaloes stopping traffic, either.
  5. I stop whining about the heat.
  6. I get cold at night and have to cover up to get back to sleep.
  7. I can remember Lankan names now – names like Ranuka, Radha, Srikanthi, Lakshmi, Shanika – without causing major brain farts.
  8. The really really long names don’t freak me out any more – names like Sri Bodhi Sambuddharamaya or Niwattakachtiya or Harischandra or Anagarika Dharmapala.
  9. I can tell that Srimath Ramanathan Mawatha or Ratnajothi Saravanamuttu Mawatha or Sri Jayewardenepura Mawatha are streets. Even when I see them when they’re not on maps or street signs. See, it’s that Mawatha tag at the end of it that gives it away. (Mawatha means street – which is interesting, because streets here are also called "streets" as well as "mawatha".) And no, Fahim didn’t tell me that. I figured it out all on my own. 🙂
  10. I can tell that Wickramasingheramaya and Diyawannaramaya are religious places of interest (Buddhist shrines).
  11. Date & Honey or Coconut & Jaggery seem like perfectly normal ice cream flavors.
  12. I look forward to watching Alf every Thursday night.
  13. I can pick out the sounds and even some words when the locals talk – and they always talk really really fast.
  14. I’m disappointed when there isn’t a beautiful sunrise.
  15. I don’t notice the birds chirping in the morning.
  16. I’m surprised when I see a caucasian exiting the Seven Plus Take Away place that Fahim goes to for our lunch packets.
  17. The smells don’t startle me anymore, making me think my house is burning down or I forgot something on the stove.
  18. I stop complaining at shutting all the windows at 5 pm.
  19. I can no longer remember which side of the road is the side they drive on in North America – and the thought of it confuses me.
  20. The driving here doesn’t scare me.
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